Income Qualification

Income qualification is greatly misunderstood by most people.  One veteran with income of $10,000 per month can qualify for the full monthly pension while another single vet with $1700 of social security income can be disqualified.

In-home caregiver

Caregivers can be Friends or Relatives

The VA looks at your Gross Income then subtracts all available exemptions and deductions. Unreimbursed medical expenses for Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Supplement insurance, out of pocket cost for prescription drugs, doctor co-pay and deductibles are subtracted from Gross Income.

One of the most overlooked expense is for caregivers.  Many times family or friends are providing valuable services for the care and safety of the Veteran or Surviving Spouse.  This expense can be deducted with the proper paperwork which usually brings the “VA Countable Income” down to zero and allows the applicant to receive the full benefit monthly.

Knowing how to structure you application is usually the difference between getting approved and being denied by the VA.