VA Benefits

Benefits that have been earned and are desevedThe  Aid & Attendance Pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs is a benefit that is available for an estimated 4 million veterans and surviving spouses of veterans, yet fewer than 4% of those that may be eligible for this benefit are receiving it.  This tax-free monthly benefit is paid directly by the VA for you spend as you see fit.

Why?  Because the VA can tell you IF you qualify but very few know how to show you HOW You Can Qualify.

We at VA Benefits are dedicated to helping our Veterans receive all the benefits they have earned and deserve!

VA Benefits does not charge any money for advice, strategies or assistance with any paperwork that may be used for an application to the VA for the Aid & Attendance Pension.  If you require additional paperwork or services to qualify, VA Benefits will refer you to a low cost, quality provider of the needed services.  Any additional services are only offered by outside providers without obligation and with complete and transparent disclosure.

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